Lean, so your products get to the market quicker & better

We have been working according to Lean Management standards in all our areas of production and administration since 2005. We fit into your value chain in complete alignment with your needs. This means we can assist you in the areas of development, sheet metal processing, assembly and distribution. In sheet metal processing, we have mastered both processes for demanding formed and deep-drawn parts as well as those used in CNC sheet metal production.

Important processes, such as recrystallisation annealing, powder coating, painting, tampon printing, laser marking, etching marking, helium leak testing and electropolishing are all done completely in-house. We are very well positioned to produce items for regulated markets not just because we are ISO 9001 certified, but also thanks to our certifications in the field of welding and bonding technology as well as in medical technology (ISO 13485 / CRF 21 PART 8).