Medical technology - process safety according to ISO 13485 & a perfect finish

In medical technology, uncompromising process control in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 is required. We know this from our more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Product characteristics are rigidly defined to ensure identical reproducibility. The highest demands on precision and processing quality are challenges that we address with certified solutions in sheet metal – as one of the first in Europe in the field of sheet metal processing.

We work with "Lean Production", "PokaYoke / FMEA", and make production 100% traceable for our medical technology customers thanks to our test and process planning and seamless documentation. Series production only takes place after a comprehensive risk analysis. Our employees are specifically trained in the processes and requirements of medical technology and must regularly demonstrate their knowledge in tests. The production equipment is qualified for medical technology. We focus on a systematic mastery of the processes and take over all important branches of sheet metal processing in medical technology.

Medical devices rely on absolute reliability. Our components deliver the high quality and precision required for medical technology. We source raw materials exclusively from certified suppliers. In particular, we offer a surface finish that meets the highest standards.

We have been able to demonstrate our manufacturing competence for the following products, among others, of leading international medical technology companies:

  • Respiratory equipment
  • Sterilisation containers
  • Implants: We have been working for leading implant manufacturers for many years. We help to optimise components for the insertion of implants.
  • Medical instruments
  • Components for analytical and laboratory equipment
  • Dental technology products