Modern solutions for the value chain of industry and medical technology

Different tasks from various sectors make up our "daily bread". Modern manufacturing technologies and cooperations in development allow us to solve system solutions in sheet metal - even for complex problems.

Thanks to our consistent kanban system, we can integrate directly into the value chain of our customers and make them more efficient. We become a virtual extension to their workbench and assemble complete systems. At the same time, we individually agree on the logistics (set, kanban, JIT etc.) and the abilities of our customers.

Our "Lean Production" with cellular manufacturing allows us to manage large volumes with high flexibility and short throughput times. We are able to realise new product ideas flexibly with you. In doing so, we are also able to fall back on the services of our in-house construction department. Expertise and machinery offer a broad spectrum of processing and design possibilities and consequently a wide variety of products - at optimised costs.


To satisfy customer needs down to the smallest detail as a service-oriented supplier, we have acquired in-depth industry expertise over many years. We have detailed knowledge of our sector based on experience.

We have specialised industrial expertise in the following sectors: