Deep-drawing / forming with consistent quality: faster, more flexible, safer

During the deep-drawing process, computerised deep-drawing presses provide up to 400 ton of press force, high process reliability and consistent quality.

Together with our professional tooling service, we are also able to resolve seemingly irresolvable problems.

We use our know-how and experience to develop new processes for deep-drawing where needed. Deep-drawing solutions have many advantages:

  • Deep-drawing enables high process reliability, i.e. the consistent quality of the products.
  • Deep-drawing offers great shaping possibilities and meets high demands in terms of design.
  • A high functionality of the products is achieved with fewer parts using the deep-drawing process.

Thanks to our in-house heat treatment and high process reliability, we attained a reduction in lead times of 14 to 1 day with deep-drawing. High quality is guaranteed through:

  • Consistent computer-logging and vacuum atmosphere with summary graphs for evaluations facilitate continuous batch traceability and quality assurance during the deep-drawing process.
  • A step-by-step heat treatment enables optimum material protection during deep-drawing.