Electropolishing for high hygiene requirements and a perfect shine

Electropolishing is an important process in the value chain, and we cover this in-house. The process smoothes the surface. This minimises the adhesion of germs and creates the ideal conditions for excellent cleaning. This is very important for products with high hygienic requirements, for example in the food industry and medical technology.

That is why surgical instruments, implants, sterilisation containers and devices or components used in the food sector or the vacuum industry are being processed more and more with this method. Chromium and chromium-nickel steels are the most common metals to be electropolished. The result is a shiny surface, whose level of shine can be specifically controlled. This process is naturally also suitable for decorative purposes.

Our electropolishing system facilitates complete process monitoring and ensures maximum process safety. The plant is fully automated with robot-controlled parts carriers, which are programmed and designed specifically for each individual item. The target / actual logging of each individual order guarantees the traceability of the process data.

Main areas of application:

Food Industry

Medical Technology