From a supplier of sheet metal to a system supplier

We have specifically developed into a system supplier from a sheet metal supplier based on the idea of offering our customers the best possible value. The most recent example of this is our cooperation with Komax AG, which develops cable processing machines for the industry and is considered a pioneer in this field.

In December 2015, Komax decided to transfer the extensive pre-assembly of the entire system to us, in addition to the production of the machine frame co-developed by us. The resulting production "under one roof" reduces delivery times, increases flexibility and allows our customers to satisfy the logistical requirements set by their customers. In a very short space of time, we have built and commissioned a generously sized assembly cell that is optimised according to lean production factors and considerations as well as ESD guidelines. We currently purchase a wide variety of components (electronic components, standard parts and NC parts) and manage the assembly as well as the kanban call-off delivery system right into the customer's final assembly line.

Also in metal forming, we support our customers with ready-made solutions, not just individual parts. For example: 

  • Electronics & Control engineering: Housing with horn antenna. Cost reduction through changes in technology. Precision-cast housing replaced with sheet metal housing (new development), turned horn antenna replaced by rounded sheet metal horn.
  • Food industry: Cheese grater for industrial cheese production. Good cutting edge thanks to improved cutting geometry.
  • Building technology: Shower drain. Optimum total cost by combining CNC technology (laser cutting, folding and welding robots) and forming (drainage slope and nozzle eyelet)
  • Consumer / Household appliances: Emblem. Visually sophisticated adornments for vehicles, made completely of stainless steel including the printing.